Accumulator Charging Kit

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Standard Version includes:

  • Valve body complete with ring nut connection to accumulator gas valve, pressure gauge, bleed and return snap-in hose connection.

  • 3 Metre charging hose for high pressure series complete with bottle connectors

  • One connection nipple to pressure reducer.

  • Set of spare gaskets

  • Case

On request:

  • Adapter for special accumulator gas valves

  • 6 Metre Charging hose


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Product Description

Use for periodic check of the accumulator pre-charge and for the inflation/adjustment if necessary

For the inflation a connection to the bottle with a pressure higher than the precharge value is required, provided with pressure reducer (mandatory, for safety reasons, during the inflation of accumulators with PS < 210Bar).

Furthermore the use of a pressure reducer makes easier the slow and graduated  inflow of nitrogen therefore avoiding the possibility of damaging the diaphragm or bladder.

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