Expansion Controllers - IQAN-XC41/XC42/XC43/XC44

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The IQAN-XC4 is a new family of expansion modules in the IQANdesign platform, and used together with the IQAN master modules. There are 4 versions that can be used in different
ways to meet the requirements of any system.
• XC41 small-size I/O distribution
• XC42 mid-size I/O distribution
• XC43 large-size I/O distribution
• XC44 large-size I/O distribution

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Product Description

The XC4 family of expansion modules share the same pinout, making it possible for easy up-/down-scaling of the application.

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Any programming language, any tool chain, new projects, editing legacy code.

XC4 Expansion Module Datasheet

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