General Purpose Pads (Value - Bonded And Perforated)

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Product by: Fentex

General Purpose Pads
• Safely absorb oils, fuels, water, coolant, solvents and non-hazardous liquids
• Strong wicking action for easy clean-up of everyday spills and leaks
• Dimple-bonded for extra strength
• Perforated along centre for easy tearing
• Ideal for use in manufacturing, workshop and situations where leaks and spills need to be cleaned up quickly and efficiently
• Available in boxes for easy stacking or poly-wrapped to reduce packaging waste

• As a work-mat to catch and absorb drips and leaks during component maintenance and cleaning
• As an alternative to granular material that can cause cross contamination
• To reliably and quickly absorb spills and leaks
• An integral component of Spill Kits to provide quick response to leak and spillage incidents
• Contributes to a pro-actively safe and clean working environment
• Can form part of an Absorbent Management System

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Product Description

Soak up common, non-hazardous liquids quickly and easily with General Purpose absorbent pads. Ideal for cleaning up fluids safely and efficiently without resorting to loose granular absorbents, often the cause of contamination and difficult to clean up. The material’s strong wicking action draws liquid in making full use of each pad, maximizing cost effectiveness.


Value – Bonded and Perforated

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Fentex Code

GBV-30, GPV1, GBV-100, GBV-100/20PP, GBV-200, GBV-200/40PP

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