Non-Desiccant Breathers

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Prevent contamination, safeguard health of employees and machines.

Industry spends millions of dollars annually treating the negative effects of contamination caused by wet, dirty air. Contaminated lubricating oil and hydraulic fluid result in excess machine wear, production downtime, and higher repair costs. Des-Case non-desiccant breathers are best suited for low humidity applications, arid/high-dust environments, and applications that create oil “misting”.


  • Blocks free water from reservoir

  • Prevents sludge deposits and water-contaminated oil

  • Provides longer oil and filter life

  • Reduces wear and tear on equipment, prolongs life

See attached Datasheet for Product Specifications and Size Selection.

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Product Description

How it works

As wet, contaminated air is drawn through the unit, the hydrophobic media repels water and the pleated particulate filter captures contamination, preventing both from entering the equipment.

Pleated filter element provides a large surface area and captures particles at 0.3 micron absolute (β0.3≥1000)
Rugged Nylon 6/6 housing

Ideal for …
Low humidity applications
Arid, high-dust environments
Applications that create oil “misting”

See attached Datasheet for Product Specifications and Size Selection.

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DC-ND-2, DC-ND-35

Non-Desiccant Breathers Datasheet

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