Workshop Pro Hose Reels

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Product by: PCL

Designed with safety in mind, PCL’s medium-sized Workshop Pro Hose Reels with 1/4” BSPT connection feature a slow retracting mechanism that prevents accidental loss of hose control during retraction, reducing the risk of injury or damage.

Specifically designed for use with compressed air in garages, workshops and industrial applications, PCL’s hose reel range comes in three sizes, with different hose lengths and diameters to suit user needs.  Each features a hose stop that stops in any position and is adjustable at the flick of a lever. All except the two bench top hose reels are slow retract, taking up to 9 seconds.  Easy to maintain, cleaning brushes are now included as standard to avoid debris being taken back into the reel, which can cause the layering system to fail.

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Product Description


  • Easy to use adjustable hose stopper – Reduces non-value added time#

  • Auto retract – Easily and smoothly rewinds the hose

  • Supplied with cleaning brushes

  • High impact polypropylene construction for maximum durability

  • Copper tail coupling with dust cap

  • Steel wall mounting 180° swivel bracket

Additional Information

Hose Length

10mtrs, 15mtrs, 20mtrs

Hose I.D.

8mm, 10mm

HRA Plastic Hose Reels Datasheet
HRA Steel Hose Reels Datasheet

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